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Trends Wooden Furniture in 2023

Onada Wooden Dining Set

Trends wooden furniture 2023 | In 2023, wooden furniture is predicted to remain a popular trend in the interior design industry. The natural beauty and durability of wood make it a timeless material for furniture, and its versatility allows for a wide range of styles and designs. Here are a few trends to expect in […]

Furniture Trends That Will Remain Favored Until 2023

Furniture Trends 2023

Furniture Trends 2023 | For 2023, furniture designers recommend preserving naturalness and eco-friendliness, unusual shapes, more natural colors, practicality and functionality, and attention to detail. That is, consumers will tend to choose furniture based on their wants, needs and tastes. Trends Furniture 2023 We summarize some important post-pandemic trends that are likely to persist or […]

6 Outdoor Furniture Materials and How to Take Care

Canada Sunbed Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor area is a comfortable place to gather and relax with the family. To add comfort, of course, you need to put some furniture such as tea tables, chairs or sofas. The outdoor area which is often exposed to direct sunlight can make some furniture materials dull with faded colors. In addition, outdoor furniture […]

Tips to Beautify Your Dream Home Family Room

A dream house is not just a place for shelter and rest. Time to gather with family is also important. Creating quality time with all family members will feel complete with a simple but cozy family room design. If you confused about how to make a comfortable living room decoration? Or still don’t know how […]

Tips to Choose a Durable Patio Chair

Evter Wicker Terrace Set

Constraints often come when it’s time for you to choose a durable patio chair. Whatever materials are used to make patio chairs, most of these materials will not last long. The reason for being exposed to the heat of the sun and also raining continuously makes various kinds of materials can not last long. Then […]

Rattan furniture is Increasingly In Demand, These are Some of The Advantages of Rattan Furnitur

Sydney rattan arm chair

Advantages of rattan furniture – Rattan is one of the furniture materials that is in great demand by people in many countries because it has various advantages. For example, rattan is an environmentally friendly material that is widely used in home interiors that carry classic, traditional concepts. However, rattan furniture is actually very suitable for […]

Must-Have Furniture For Newlyweds

Furniture for newlyweds

The happy moment of being a newlywed does not only take place at the wedding, but also when they live together in a new house. You must feel happy and excited when you first set up and take care of your own household needs. One of the main needs for newlyweds at home is furniture. […]

Why choose wooden furniture as home furniture?

Wooden furniture is one of the choices that are widely used by most people. This is certainly very reasonable, considering that this material is so easy to find in Indonesia. Various types of wood can be found in various forms of unique and interesting furniture. The house will look more beautiful and comfortable, especially if […]

Wood Wall Decoration Ideas That Are a Current Trend


The popularity of wooden decorations has never been extinguished. Usually, this wood wall decoration can create a more luxurious and elegant impression on the house. Moreover, making wall hangings from wood is actually not difficult. You only need simple materials and tools. Wood Wall Decoration Inspiration In addition to being part of home decoration, wooden […]